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Enjoy your exercise

Take work out of your workout. Learn to enjoy the steps and you will stay motivated naturally
Man doing pushups

Bodyweight exercises

No time to go to a gym? Try these exercises that keep you fit using your own bodyweight
Boxing gloves

Muay Thai: a combat sport that uses only 8 parts of your body

Find out how the national sport of Thailand can help you in self defense and also take your fitness level several notches higher

Myths about cardio exercises

Run miles away from these misconceptions about cardio;they are standing between you and your fitness

Get ready to run

Want to run a marathon? Follow this day-by-day plan that will prepare you to reach the finish line

Move with grace

Correct your posture to live longer, feel stronger and look younger
Woman exercising in gym

Sleep more, exercise better

Spike your exercise performance by making quality sleep an integral part of your fitness regime

Don’t give up on your abs yet

It is easy to lose your potbelly even after 40—provided you drop your misconceptions

Break these blocks to weight loss

Clear the roadblocks in your journey to weight loss and then try again

Exercises: Try them all

Add variety to your fitness regimen to make it lively and complete