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Papaya banana coconut muffins cooling on rack

How do you get your kids to eat papaya? Add it to muffins

These fluffy and moist muffins are packed with goodness are so delicious, you will not be able to keep your hands off them!
Mint almond flax encrusted pan-fried brinjal slices

This crispy pan-fried brinjal makes the perfect side-dish

This recipe is an interesting twist to the traditional breaded-brinjal one. Plus, the almonds and flax seeds makes it rich in healthy fats.
lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes and horse radish

This Za’atar dressing will make your lettuce salad come alive

Za’atar is a special blend of herbs, sesame and salt. Use it on your salad to heighten the flavours
Edible calendula beauty bar

A beauty bar that you will relish

Calendula extract is commonly found in soaps and creams. It offers similar benefits even when added to food
Matcha, mint and aloe smoothie

Refreshing matcha, mint and aloe pulp smoothie

Nothing will cool you quicker on a hot summer day, than this refreshing smoothie
Grilled sweet potato salad with ginger honey dressing

Grilled sweet potato salad with ginger honey dressing

Salads can become super nutritious if you make them of sweet potatoes

Try this better-than-restaurant Bruschetta recipe, that’s healthy too

This Bruschetta dish is a great starter to add to your party menu
Vermicelli upma, a healthy breakfast option

A quick breakfast recipe for busy Monday mornings

Vermicelli is not just meant for kheer, here’s something savoury you can make with it
Tomato bean soup with mint cream

A tomato soup recipe that’s a powerhouse of protein

This soup is so filling, you won’t need anything else to complete your meal.
mashes sweet potatoes

This sweet potato mash is a burst of flavours

Sweet potato mash is a healthier and more interesting alternative to the humble mashed potatoes