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Gajar halwa

Mouth watering dairy-free gajar halwa with vanilla essence

This slow cooked vegan carrot halwa flavoured with vanilla will leave you craving for more; plus, it's nutritious too!
Eggplant roll ups

These feta stuffed eggplant rolls are simply mmm…

There are so many ways to enjoy the incomparable eggplant, each with its own special merits. Here’s an uncommon way
Rocket and Walnut Pesto

Your pasta will take off with this rocket lettuce and walnut pesto

Rocket leaves are one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables. The next time you see them in the supermarket, be sure to buy a bunch
Broccoli patties

Broccoli patties with a hint of garam masala (and lots of good health)

These shallow fried brocolli patties will have you asking for more!
Oven roasted chick peas

Spicy oven-roasted chickpeas for tea-time snacking

A healthy and delicious snack for those times when hunger strikes
Spinach and Sua combination

This spinach-and-dill stir fry will fortify your body with iron

Tossed with onions, garlic and tomatoes this spinach-and-dill recipe is ready in minutes; what's more, it's full full of flavours
Bean Sprout Salad

This spicy crunchy bean sprout salad is a must try

This delicious bean sprout salad is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, protein and calcium
chocolate bread sliced

Zucchini chocolate bread topped with almond flakes and choco chips

This butter-free and low-sugar recipe is a scrumptious tea-time snack; it's also a great travel-time accompaniment
orange drink in glass with mint leaf

Papaya-orange juice immunity booster

This refreshing drink is healthy and loaded with vitamin C
Foxtail milletand coconut milk kheer

Foxtail millet kheer in coconut milk

This millet kheer recipe is a great alternative for those who are gluten sensitive