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Mushroom Frittata

Try this mushroom frittata for a quick and healthy breakfast

Here is a recipe that will make you a fan of mushrooms
Pumpkin with coconut, indian dish

Pumpkin stir fry garnished with coconut

This pumpkin coconut recipe can be served as a side-dish or can be chilled and served as a salad
Moong dal Uttapam

A protein packed version of the regular uttapam

This South Indian pancake or uttapam uses moong dal in place of rice and a generous helping of vegetables
baked beans on toast in plate

Start your day with this beans and veggies on toast recipe

A garlicky mix of French beans and baked beans served on whole-wheat toast
Brown rice vegan kheer

This brown rice vegan kheer is to die for

When a delicious dessert is packed with nutrition then you can eat away without any guilt, like this vegan kheer recipe
Brown rice upma

Brown rice upma for those who are off wheat

Upma is a delicious Indian breakfast recipe that is healthy and filling
Vegetable soup

A delicious no-fuss vegetable soup recipe

Here's a simple recipe for mixed vegetable soup that can be prepared in a jiffy and will be relished by all
Vegetable Fried Rice

How to cook restaurant-like Chinese fried rice

Vegetable fried rice gets a boost with your choice of egg whites or tofu
The ultimate vegan and gluten-free spaghetti

The ultimate vegan and gluten-free spaghetti

This vegan zucchini spaghetti proves that everything that's tasty need not be unhealthy
Pumpkin Pancakes

Add pumpkin to make healthier pancakes

Here's a healthy pancake recipe using pumpkin puree


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