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woman having supplement

Reversing Diabetes

Optimal nutrition and nutritional supplements help best in preventing and turning-around the course of diabetes

Heart Health: What, Why and How

It is time we found out what heart disease is all about and how to stop it

Don’t take sleep lightly

Sleep is nature's promise for healthy longevity

Hidden Dangers of Indoor Pollution

What would you bet that if you and I were to take a walk through your home or office, and I could find and point out at least a dozen toxic health hazards?

Healing foods for cancer

The right mix of healing foods can take you a step closer to leading a cancer-free life
washing hands with soap and water in a basin

Don’t underestimate the importance of washing your hands

In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the age-old wisdom of prevention being better than cure has gained prominence. Washing your hands is one of the best preventive habits to keep infections at bay

Incontinence in elderly

Leaking of urine or faeces needs to be tackled with an open mind.
Man sleeping on his laptop

Weekend Siesta

Unlike paperwork, sleep does not keep a pending file. Rather, it has a tendency to throw the entire mind-body system out of gear

Take Heart, Will Endure

Proper monitoring and simple lifestyle changes can help you control high blood pressure
woman in Virasana or Hero yoga pose outdoors

Yoga: A Fine Balance

Why yoga is not just about the body but can help you transform your entire life and achieve success in every area