Diabetes: Not Just Sugar

Just cutting sugar from your diet cannot rid you of diabetes

Eating chocolatesIt is a commonly known fact that diabetes can be controlled by eliminating certain food items that contain excessive refined white sugar. But, by cutting sugar from the diet you cannot eliminate diabetes completely. Neither is it the only one way that diabetes can or should be brought under control.

Illnesses are multifaceted

Illnesses are usually of a multifaceted nature. Hypertension and heart problems, are sometimes more dangerously “shared” with diseases such as diabetes. The precautions one can take about one’s health are fundamental

Crash diets often crash the dieter’s health. A regular balanced diet is the surest way to keep diabetes under control. Eliminating, or at least reducing your white and refined food basket, is an easy way to bring diabetes under control. But, this must be done in consultation with a nutritionist, and with your knowledge of one’s own body.

Excess weight and diabetes

Weight issues are not just an image problem. Being overweight can be a social stigma as well. However, the most detrimental effect of unwanted weight is your propensity to be prone to disease of the heart as well as diabetes. Alongside diet, exercise also plays a very important role in not only balancing the equation, but also helping us towards getting fitter—despite all the odds.

Choose wisely

Stress is one of the leading causes of many illnesses, including diabetes. While food and exercise may be cultivated, not taking care of stress negates any good that may accrue from them. In our fast-paced life, the foot rarely comes off the accelerator. Even when it is possible, few will, because most of us are accustomed to live life in the fast lane. Sooner or later, running out of gas is a distinct possibility; also, devastating.

Diabetes is largely the outcome of lifestyle choices. This is, perhaps, why most of us would still be able to prevent it in our lives. Also, most of us can control it to the extent possible—if only we make reasonable choices with due consideration for a gift that is health.

Sreelata Yellamrazu
Sreelata S Yellamrazu, a management graduate, is a sports columnist. She hopes her writing proves liberating for her, and also provides a voice for important life issues - especially young minds.


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