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OSTEOPOROSIS: When bones become brittle

Osteoporosis is a disorder in which your bones become weak and snap at the drop of a fall, or minor stumble
Wiping nose

Common Cold – Is Rest Best?

To treat or not to treat a cold, that's the big question

Reversing Heart Disease

Lifestyle changes, along with appropriate diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation, are what it takes to turn around heart disease

Water-borne diseases

Water is indispensable to life. But, unclean water can carry diseases detrimental to life

Want to lose weight? Patience is the key

Wish to lose weight in a jiffy? Think before you get into action

Awake at Night?

The inability to fall asleep is on the rise everywhere

Prevent Eye Disease

It ain't difficult to lower your risk of eye disease and prevent them from occurring, with correct nutrition

HEART ATTACK: Don’t ignore the Warning Signals

Heart attacks need not be fatal, if only you attend to your body's signals and/or warnings in time

Diabetes: Not Just Sugar

Just cutting sugar from your diet cannot rid you of diabetes

Breath of Life

Don't allow asthma to bog you down. Get hold of it to lead a healthy and active life