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Bowel Moves

There are many ways to put the spring back into your bowel movement

Hygiene is key to good health

The concept of hygiene is as old as civilisation. It still remains relevant - for more reasons than one
To prevent cancer

Gene Prospects

It is possible to prevent cancer with new ammo
Woman doing Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) Pranayama | Yoga

Yoga for relieving stress

Yoga combines several stress management techniques such as breathing and meditation, apart from yogasanas, to manage stress
woman with open arms breathing fresh air / freedom from asthma

How to reverse asthma

Ever thought of a novel treatment plan that's more than practical to ease your asthma?

Arthritis: More than pain in the joints

Arthritis, a bone disorder, is more than what meets pain in your joints

Gut Matters

Age-related problems of the gut are common in the elderly. There is no need to worry, if caregivers are watchful of early symptoms

Change "Pause" into Action

Women who exercise regularly can beat menopausal blues and also bring positive changes to their overall health
Pretty woman doing yoga in the park

Watch your body, tune your mind

When you practice yoga in the open, or close to nature, delighting in its freshness, you add a new dimension to your mind-body-spirit quotient

Fire in Your Belly

Small changes in diet and lifestyle can go a long way in helping us lead an "acidity-free" life