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Woman looking towards the sky in gratitude

Discover the infinite power of gratitude

Gratitude can change difficulty into ease, attract positivity and abundance, help you bask in good health and spread delight.

Feelings determine performance: Viswanathan Anand

To Viswanathan Anand, being emotionally calm and physically fit is extremely important, in chess and in life. The World Chess Champion loosens up to talk about life beyond the chessboard—his beliefs, his family and his philosophies...

See things afresh

Open the eyes of your mind and notice how beautiful the world can really be

Daniel Siegel on the Triangle of Wellbeing

Daniel Siegel shows how the interplay between our minds, brains, and relationships contributes to our wellbeing
pair of feet running on a track

Depressed after a marathon?

It's common for marathoners to feel depressed after the big race. Knowing how to cope with the post-marathon blues will reduce its impact

3 sure shot ways to end procrastination

The habit to procrastinate is your worst enemy. Try these effective tips to conquer it

Cheer up

Feeling low? Here are some healthy ways to beat the blues

Keep the lid on

Anger management tips-how to not blow off your top at the drop of a hat

Postpartum Depression

"I should just chop my fingers off" was the strong urge of one new mother suffering from postpartum depression!

Control your sugar cravings

Effective ways to curb that intense longing for sugar