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Girl setting birds free from cage | Ho’oponopono concept

How to Tap Into the Power of Ho’oponopono

The Ho’oponopono prayer is a wonderful way to stop the monkey-mind and ask for forgiveness and correction of our thoughts in that moment

Words shape reality: These words deserve to be thrown out

Words shape our present and future. It doesn’t take much to turn our life around and revamp our vocabulary to one that aligns with our authentic self
Happy woman with hands stretched out, sunset

How Being Grateful Keeps You Healthy

Everyone these days talks about the power of gratitude, but how exactly does being thankful impact your life?
Woman eating from the refrigerator at night

Late night snacks

Don’t cheat—just change your late night snack options and fight those binges.
House made of match sticks

Creativity: The secret of happiness, wellness, and positive change

Creativity is not just for the artists; everyone is creative. In fact, it's a primal need and is necessary for your wellbeing. Find out how you can tap into your creativity to transform your life
Placebo Nacebo pills concept

Placebo Nocebo: Pills of belief

In the world of placebos and nocebos, what you believe in will surely be manifested
Fat woman jumping high

Yes! You can lose weight

Combine Thich Nhat Hahn’s mindfulness teachings with Lilian Cheung’s scientific expertise and what you get is a powerful, no-nonsense weight management approach
Woman looking towards the sky in gratitude

Discover the infinite power of gratitude

Gratitude can change difficulty into ease, attract positivity and abundance, help you bask in good health and spread delight.

Feelings determine performance: Viswanathan Anand

To Viswanathan Anand, being emotionally calm and physically fit is extremely important, in chess and in life. The World Chess Champion loosens up to talk about life beyond the chessboard—his beliefs, his family and his philosophies...

Cheer up

Feeling low? Here are some healthy ways to beat the blues