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5 steps to a medication-free life

Every physical symptom originates from our consciousness. To heal our body in the most natural way we only need to go within

Rekindle your creativity: The Book of Doing and Being by Barnet Bain

This book is about discovering a gift you are born with—a gift that is given to everybody. It's called creativity and you can apply it in your everyday life.

Changing strategy: Triggers By Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith takes a look at why most people find it difficult to change their behaviours and he offers practical suggestions to overcome those obstacles.
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The law of attraction: the final piece of the puzzle

Perhaps nothing has enamoured—and disillusioned—as many people as the law of attraction since it suddenly came into the limelight a few years ago. Was their disillusionment well-founded or were they missing something?

Harsha Bhogle’s advice to anxious class X students

The class X results are like a blood test, you are not dead yet but they tell you if you are headed there. They allow you to make a correction in your life, says Harsha Bhogle

How your life perspective shapes your health

Dr. Mark William Cochran argues that we need to redefine how we look at healing ourselves - out goes the perspective of fighting disease and in comes a more holistic, empathetic, self-loving mindset.
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Meet Dr Thank You: The wonderful health implications of being grateful

Everyone these days talks about the power of gratitude, but how exactly does being thankful impact your life?

May 2013 issue: The pursuit of creativity

Creativity is a primal need and is necessary for our wellbeing
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Creativity: The secret of happiness, wellness, and positive change

Creativity is not just for the artists; everyone is creative. In fact, it's a primal need and is necessary for your wellbeing. Find out how you can tap into your creativity to transform your life
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Placebo Nocebo: Pills of belief

In the world of placebos and nocebos, what you believe in will surely be manifested