These centenarians prove that age is only a number

Three centenarians share invaluable lessons from their life

Most of us want to live beyond 100 and would give anything to discover the secrets of good health and longevity. But how does it feel to be hundred?

In this heartwarming video, three centenarians share invaluable insights from their life lessons. While Clifford Crozier (born 1915), likes to bake his own bread, John Denerley (born 1914) places online orders for groceries, looking quite comfortable using his tablet. Emelia Tereza Harper (born 1913) declares that she has no regrets whatsoever in her life.

The seniors offer a glimpse into their long life and offer solid advice on health, relationships and living a full life.

“Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted; Be as independent as you can but don’t be reluctant to ask for help when you need it,” says Clifford.

“It seems to me that if you’re happy—happily married and happily living—that is the finest remedy for all illness,” says Emelia.

“You’ve got to keep up with the times; what was good 80/90 years ago doesn’t work these days,” says John Denerley.

Once you hear these young-at-heart centenarians speak from their heart, you will realise that age matters only if you believe it does; otherwise, it is just a number.


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