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Keep the lid on: Tips on anger management

Anger management tips—how to not blow off your top at the drop of a hat

Control your sugar cravings

Effective ways to curb that intense longing for sugar

The great Gender divide

In the battle of the sexes, women often outlive men. Men's behavioural tendencies prove to be their killer

Make fear disappear

You don't need to conquer fear when you stop fabricating it
Fat women

Excess weight and emotional baggage

Obesity is a global concern from the physical as well as psychological point of view.
DNA strand

Rewrite your DNA

Yes, you read it right. We can alter our genes with the power of our perceptions

What controls our behaviour

Behaviour is automatically controlled by subconscious mind's programmes when the self-conscious mind is not focused on the present moment

Acquired inabilities

Acquired perceptions in the subconscious mind often override our genetically-endowed instincts
Happy couple

Broken hearts and broken bones: What’s the connection?

A mere reminder of one's partner through a simple photograph is capable of reducing physical pain

How consciousness differs from self-consciousness

Self-consciousness is what differentiates us from lower species. Here's how we developed it