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Create eureka moments!

With a little bit of creativity, you can solve all your problems at work and home

Thoughts become things

The circumstances that you experience in life are all a result of your thoughts. To change your experience, change your thoughts

Gain confidence, lose weight

Obesity is directly linked with low self-esteem. Once you build a positive self-image, you'll find it easy to get in shape

Words have life

The words you say to yourself shape your personality, health and life. Use them carefully
A sad young woman staring outside the window

There is a way out of depression

Depression is becoming increasingly common. But you don't have to accept it, there is a way out of this condition

Role of emotions in decision making

Deftly incorporating the anatomy of the brain, Baba Shiv makes the case that emotional responses are vital to responsible decision making, and that -- despite popular belief -- rational thought is perhaps not all it's cracked up to be.

Smile your way to health

Smiling makes you look good and feel even better, while enhancing your body's wellbeing
Positive thoughts lead to good physical health

The mind body connection

We can reverse any illness and even ageing simply by changing our thoughts and beliefs about our health
Communicating in group

Body Language—The Unspoken Communication

Our body is constantly sending messages about our feelings and emotions over and above what we are saying. Understand this language so you can communicate better

Expect miracles

What you believe is unimaginable may become possible tomorrow