Words have life

The words you say to yourself shape your personality, health and life. Use them carefully

positive happy womanWords have energy, they are living things. Every thing we verbalise has the power to magnetically manifest whatever we say as reality.

Self-talk matters

The first step towards knowing how this works is to be aware of our thoughts and how we voice our feelings. Watch what you say to yourself repeatedly: “I have to do this, I don’t have a choice”, “I’m helpless to change this”, “I can’t digest this”, “This is such a pain in the neck”, “He burns me up”.

I met a woman who whose response to any advice was: “I can’t see myself doing that”, “I don’t see what you mean”, “I don’t even want to look at that”. She was completely unaware of what she was bringing into reality! So listen to your self-talk. You may be causing unconscious stress in your life by the words you use.

You = your words

The words we use help us define who we are. If we tell ourselves we’re clumsy, over and over, we reinforce the clumsy image, and guess what? We become clumsy.

Whatever we say to ourselves repeatedly gets imprinted in our internal computer and becomes our belief system. Beliefs promote feelings, which in turn start our unending self-talk. What we say to ourselves is how we expect to perform. How we perform directly affects what we believe about ourselves. And on and on goes the self-talk cycle.

Positivity is natural

Sometimes I wonder if it would have been easier if we were simply like machines. Then, we wouldn’t experience any pain, anger or disappointment and, of course, we wouldn’t have much scope to create negativity. Negative emotions are not what God intended for us; it’s not nature’s way.

Being and feeling positive is natural to the spirit. And to be negative, we have to shun our nature; we have to resist life itself. We all came into this world with enough creativity and light to dispel any darkness we encounter. Then why don’t we use this power? Perhaps we will when we understand the dramatic effect emotions of any kind have on our body.

Feelings affect health

With every negative thought we break down our body’s immunity. Doctors agree that angry people affect their own blood circulation, heart, glands and brain neurons, which in turn compromises their
defence against disease. In fact, every day people die from worry, fear, resentment or anger. People have died quicker from self-doubt and perceiving themselves as victims than they have from hard work.

The real purpose of pain is to warn us that it’s time to be aware of how we’re feeling and to remind us of our reactions to events. Pain, physical or emotional, tells us that we’re not functioning from a resourceful state. By compromising our immunity we cause simple ailments like the common cold to more serious ones like pneumonia and cancer. Our negative emotions, which are a direct result of the negative words we use, can kill us!

Ritu Malhotra
Ritu Malhotra is the co-founder of AJNA Center for Learning, Pune. She has been trained in psychology and various alternative holistic methods of self-help. Her metaphysical training enables her to approach health on all levels in a truly spiritual manner.


  1. Words have life…is fantastic. It really brings out the optimistic part of you. Reading such articles is really good and it sure helps a person to be more positive in life.


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