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With a little bit of creativity, you can solve all your problems at work and home

woman thinkingPeople who have creative power consistently make contributions of incredible value to our world, whether they start a business, choose a certain profession, or decide to pursue a career in a company or organisation.

This ‘creative power’—the power to create from scratch—is the most important skill in this world today.

Creative power defined

‘Creative power’ generally refers to the ability to make something and it has a meaning that is similar to the word ‘imagination’.

Those who live creative lives can add 10-fold, or even a 100-fold, to the value of their lives. In terms of money, for example, it is impossible to become wealthy without creativity, so being creative is the way to become rich.

Creativity can save marriages

Creativity plays a role in more than just the invention of machines. It affects every aspect of life. Take, for instance, marital problems. Arguments sometimes lead to divorce, but nine out of ten of those marriages could be saved if people exercised a little creativity.

From time-to-time, couples have conflicting opinions about a matter neither person is willing to compromise on. At times like these, they should try to be creative and come up with creative solutions or new ideas, just as they would do if they had come up against an impasse at work. Then the couple would be able to prevent their marriage from falling apart.

Furthermore, you should put your imagination to work, think more about the feelings of your spouse and others involved, and figure out a plan of action.

Just as you strive to be creative at work, people should invest time in thinking about how to create a loving family. They will come up with many creative solutions, which will result in reducing the number of divorces.

The problem is not with the other

Each and every one of us is responsible for coming up with solutions to the problems that are dealt to us. However, many people do not make sufficient effort to solve their problems. In relationships, for example, people tend to push their own opinions on others and, after coming into conflict with another, quickly conclude that they are incompatible. However, the real problem is not with the other person, but with you for not making enough effort.

Making relationships ‘work’

A while ago, Harvard University conducted a study to investigate the reasons people get fired. The results showed that over 30 per cent of those surveyed were fired because of poor performance and more than 60 per cent were fired because of interpersonal problems. When unable to get along with those whom they work with, people are forced to leave their jobs.

It is evident, then, that inventiveness and discoveries are vital in harmonising your relationships with others. Since people who have relationship problems at work probably have similar problems at home, you should start using your creativity to sort out your relationships.

Think about what you can do to work well with people you come into conflict with and what you can do to work well within your company, as a part of the organisation. As you continue thinking about this and coming up with solutions, you will overcome your problems and work well within the scope of your company.

Some say that creativity cannot be practised within the confines of an organisation or a company; this is not true. Creativity is more than just shaping clay into a work of art. There are innumerable opportunities to exercise your creativity, both in the workplace and at home.

The courage to live creatively

Creative work gives birth to great value and is a highly respected job. However, when it comes to creativity, there is what is called a ‘necessary condition.’

The condition is that a great deal of courage is needed to live creatively. Creative people are a peculiar lot; they tend to be different from the rest. As a result, they are often given the cold shoulder and ridiculed. However, once their ideas start producing results, the ridicule stops. Before this happens though, often their creativity is cut down before it blooms. So, courage is a prerequisite for creativity.

I offer you these lines so that you will remember the importance of courage. Creative people must be courageous. It takes courage to live a creative life. It takes courage to voice an unorthodox idea, put it into action, and see it through to fruition. For you must endure criticism, have courage, and fight your way through.

It is my sincere hope that each and every one of you will do work of great value for this world through free thinking and creative action.

What an idea!

Here are some hints to help you come up with creative ideas. In order to make something or create something new, you must have a new idea. However, you should know that people who are stubborn, stuck in old ways, or who simply refuse to change, will find themselves lacking in creativity.

Free yourself

Preconceptions blind you to creativity and do not allow you the freedom to conceive new ideas. Therefore, you need to avoid limiting yourself to only what your parents taught you or simply maintaining the status quo in your store or company.

Do not be limited by the customs of your city, state or country. Rid yourself of preconceptions, humble yourself, and start with a blank canvas.

Whether creativity is work related, such as developing new projects, or family related, such as solving relationship problems, it does not matter; define your problem, free yourself from preconceptions, and think of all possible solutions.


Those who want to become truly creative-minded should always challenge themselves to think of ideas. Write them all down on index cards until you have completely run out—come up with as many ideas as you can because it takes quantity to arrive at quality.

This method can also be applied to problems you encounter at work. If a customer files a complaint, get out a stack of blank index cards and start writing down possible solutions. A good idea will surely come up in this process. Whenever you have a problem in life, try to come up with as many solutions as possible; you will surely come up with a good idea in the process.

Often, the first idea that you come up with is rarely the best; finding the best course of action is not that simple. Besides, your problems will not be resolved with just one or two ideas. A good idea will only pop up in the process of brainstorming five, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, or even a hundred ideas.

So, come up with as many ideas as possible, to account for all possibilities and then choose the best options. Remember that when it comes to ideas, quality is proportionate to quantity.

To arrive at my final plan for lectures, I write down all the topics that I have thought of at different times. After I have come up with quite a few, I pull out a list of local branches and decide the lecture that best fits each venue. Finally, I put the finishing touches on my plans by thinking about the books that I intend to publish in the near future and decide on the order of my lectures.

Have one idea a day

Whether it is about your home-life, work or business, it is vital to keep creating ideas and inventing new things every single day.

For example, most business executives and entrepreneurs are always full of ideas; they cannot succeed in ventures if they do not keep generating ideas. Without a creative mind, they will never be able to produce something that adds value to society.

If you want to come up with ideas, you need to be aware of the problems that you are facing. In other words, you need to give yourself preparation time to equip yourself with the tools necessary to recognise and solve problems.

Let the ideas incubate

So take the time to gather all the information that you will need in order to solve a problem. Then, let your ideas sit, just like you would a fine cheese. Take a couple of nights to ponder on your ideas and they will become more and more refined. Continue to think and let your ideas incubate; it will make good ideas even better.

So, there are two things you must do: come up with as many ideas as possible and give yourself time to incubate your ideas. Do not set tight deadlines for yourself, but rather allow your ideas to develop fully and mature.

As you continue thinking about how to solve your problem, you will develop and refine many ideas. Then, at some point, you will have a flash of inspiration and be able to settle on one good idea.

Ryuho Okawa
Master Ryuho Okawa is the founder of Happy Science. He’s a bestselling author of over 500 books, including The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity, The Laws of Happiness, and The Essence of Buddha.


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