Thoughts become things

The circumstances that you experience in life are all a result of your thoughts. To change your experience, change your thoughts

Woman listening to music in natureWe are magnetic in nature and are surrounded by an electro-magnetic energy within and around our body. This energy attracts to itself whatever is expressed through it. If we express joy, we attract happiness and beauty into our life. If we feel pain, sadness or anger, we vibrate it out from our body into our environment and attract that as well. We are essentially a vibrating, pulsating dynamo of energy.

Our thoughts are magnetic

Energy equals motion, which creates emotion. Emotion follows intention and intention is directed by our focus. Think of yourself as a powerful magnet. The thoughts that we have, reach out to bring us whatever we dwell on continuously. It doesn’t matter whether the thoughts are positive or negative.

If they are maintained, what we focus on will manifest. The stimulation of our thoughts offers us thoughts of a similar nature and attract other people who have the same thoughts. For example, a person who is very concerned about being robbed is sending out a thought and if it is given the power of emotion, will pull in someone who wants to rob someone. Both the individuals attract each other because their thoughts come together to co-create the same reality.

What you focus on, happens

As we focus on a subject, a feeling of invigoration brings about enthusiasm and energy. On the other hand, if we think, “But that is something I could never have,” we’ve just cancelled what we really want to create for ourselves.

Have you noticed that sick people are always talking about their sickness? Many know more about their disease than most doctors and may even be proud that it is such a rare disease! They discuss their problems with friends and neighbours and usually hang out with people who have the same interest.

Healthy people talk about health; vitamins and supplements they are taking and the exercises they are doing to keep themselves healthy.

Creating with purpose

If we do not intentionally create what we want, then we have to accept whatever is thrown at us whether we want it or not. Then we justify it by saying, “It’s my karma!” or “Life has always been against me”. The truth is that circumstances cannot be part of our experience unless we have invited them with our thoughts. Some of our fears come about because we picked them in some way from our parents, teachers or our culture.

We may ask, “If many of my circumstances are a co-creation, is controlling my thoughts the answer so I only create good things for myself?” It could well be, if we have that much will power. Though more than controlling our thoughts we will benefit from being aware of what feelings, intentions and actions we are putting into motion, because that is how we create our future.

What you think matters

The bottom line is, what we really, really want with intention coupled with emotion we will get. We will also get what we really don’t want with the same intention.

So we need to watch our thoughts, they respond to our demands and are continuously focused on giving us what we ask for. Magical? Yes, we create magic every time we think and feel!

Ritu Malhotra
Ritu Malhotra is the co-founder of AJNA Center for Learning, Pune. She has been trained in psychology and various alternative holistic methods of self-help. Her metaphysical training enables her to approach health on all levels in a truly spiritual manner.


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