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When my husband met with an accident a few years ago, I got a new insight into life and healing. He was out for a morning walk with our dog, when he tripped and fell on the road. A short while later, he was in hospital and being told he had to have a hip surgery. I’m not sure what happened to us, but without discussing it, we both decided to see the good in everything that happened. We were grateful for the kindness of strangers who waited with him, for a doctor who came as soon as we called, for access to a good hospital, for neighbours who reached out... the list goes on.

What surprised us was that in less than a week after the accident, post a partial hip replacement surgery, he was back on his feet again. We couldn’t help compare his healing to that of the lady in the same room as my husband. She was having an elective surgery, but both before and after the process she and her family grumbled and complained about the doctors, the nurses, the insurance company and everyone else. Nothing seemed to be going well for her and having had a surgery the same day as my husband, she was still confined to bed, when my husband was discharged. We experienced, what I believe is, the power of gratitude on the process of healing.

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A version of this article was first published in the December 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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  1. Great Corinne. There is a sunny side to everything. A positive disposition is also essential for speedy recovery. Your family believed in the doctors and the hospital. That was one step forward whereas the lady on the other bed saw only the negative side of everything. She was taking one step backward.

  2. So thrilled to see this article, Corinne! Gratitude is the best attitude and the ability to spot the silver lining can get us through anything in life!

    Love, Vidya