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What dreams may come

Why do some people have such vivid, elaborate dreams? There are bad reasons and good reasons, says Rich Silver

How do you sleep?

Your sleeping posture affects your health and your life. Here’s how you can improve it to minimise stiffness and body aches while maximising restfulness

Look! I’m lucid dreaming

Your unconscious mind holds a wealth of wisdom, which you can tap in your lucid dreams
beautiful woman sleeping like the Buddha

How to sleep like the Buddha

Feel the comfort of your bed. Are you there to enjoy it? Or are you mentally somewhere else, stressing about something that happened during the day, or might happen tomorrow?

Sleepwalking: Midnight’s children

Are your child’s nightly strolls keeping you up? Aanchal Agarwal tells you how to handle your little sleepwalker with ease

Narcolepsy: Sleeping away through life

Most of us would love to sleep longer. But what if we fell asleep anywhere and at any time? That’s a scary prospect that people with narcolepsy face everyday

My 24-hour long naps

We all have short naps throughout the day. But when your siesta lasts for more than a day it's a cause for concern

12 blunders that insomniacs make

If you have been counting sheep night after night, you might be trying some or all of these things that are only aggravating your sleeplessness

Sleep: on the move

Sleep always takes a hit when you are travelling. Here are some tips on how to get some rest on the move

Sleeping tips for new mothers

If you’re pregnant, use the tips below to get better sleep now—because, you’re not going to get much of it once the baby’s born!