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11 reasons to quit smoking

March 14 is "NO SMOKING DAY". Did you know, on an average, each cigarette cuts down a smoker's life by around 11 minutes? Reason enough why you need to stop being Smokin' "Joe" or "Jane"

Stress Benefits

It is essential to understand and deal with stress on a day-to-day basis

Bowel Moves

There are many ways to put the spring back into your bowel movement
woman with open arms breathing fresh air / freedom from asthma

How to reverse asthma

Ever thought of a novel treatment plan that's more than practical to ease your asthma?

Arthritis: More than pain in the joints

Arthritis, a bone disorder, is more than what meets pain in your joints

Change "Pause" into Action

Women who exercise regularly can beat menopausal blues and also bring positive changes to their overall health

Fire in Your Belly

Small changes in diet and lifestyle can go a long way in helping us lead an "acidity-free" life
woman having supplement

Reversing Diabetes

Optimal nutrition and nutritional supplements help best in preventing and turning-around the course of diabetes

Heart Health: What, Why and How

It is time we found out what heart disease is all about and how to stop it
man with cigarette in the mouth and a scissor cutting the cigarette

Cancer: Prevention Better than Cure

The earlier cancer is detected, the better are the chances of it being treated successfully. The best way to do this is by safeguarding your own health and knowing the warning signs and symptoms of cancer and having regular check-up at your physician's office


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