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Sprouts: Goodness multiplied

Sprouts are a convenient way to augment the nutrition quotient of your meals

Juice cleanse, courtesy Raw Pressery

A juice cleanse can be a refreshing change—it's healthy too

What’s for dinner?

For optimum weight loss, should the last meal of the day be like a king, prince or pauper? Akshay Chopra answers

Let’s take a cheesewalk

A pizza is incomplete without it. And so are a lot of the delicacies we relish. Take a peek into its varieties

Pluck and cook

Now, shopping for your veggies can be just a stroll around your house

Salad dressings: Dressed to please

See your salads come alive with these delectable dressings

The tried and tested way to weight loss

Team up your exercise regime with the right food and fluid intake to get better and quicker results

Whey Protein: A special kind of protein

Why whey protein is the best form of protein supplement and how to choose the right one for you

Oats: Eat to your heart’s content

It’s easy to cook, light on the stomach and packed with health benefits. Do you need more reasons to eat oats everyday?

Gluten sensitivity: Go on a wheat-loss diet

Excluding gluten from your diet may seem like a difficult proposition for many, but the changes to your health that this lifestyle brings may surprise you