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Pepper: King of spices

Pepper packs a tangy healing punch, thanks to its many medicinal properties

Nutrition supplements for health and vitality

Nutritional supplements play a vital role in subverting disease and maintaining vitality
Soy beans

Soy Good: Health benefits of soy

Soy, nature's power-house, has more to it than just "plant-energy" to shape good health

Balanced diet for perfect weight

A balanced diet not only provides good nutrition, but also helps to maintain optimal weight and/or lose excess weight

Don’t skip breakfast

If you want to stay healthy and fit, do not skip eating your breakfast
girl having pills

Beat moody blues with Omega-3

Essential fatty acids could be your best bet to beat depression

Say "No" to Emotional Eating

How often have you stumbled to your kitchen looking for something to eat to feel better?

The Good Bug: Bacteria that Heal

The popular perception is: bacteria are bad, because they trigger a host of ailments and illnesses. Welcome to the world of "good" bacteria!

Spice Up Your Immunity

Simple kitchen herbs enhance your resistance to infection and illness

Bananas are full of nutrition

You think the banana is a boring, commonplace fruit? Think again, because few fruits pack as much nutrition and health benefits as this perennial favourite