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angry man screaming into phone

Here’s how to deal with your anger and rage

Is it possible to never get angry? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev shares some insights on dealing with anger issues
man groping a young girl

Groping is the evidence of a twisted psyche, not a symbol of machismo

The author recounts her first experience of being groped in public and suggests that predators are themselves victims who are in need of healing
Gender equality concept

Men and women: different but equal

Men and women are neither inferior nor superior to each other because of their genetic make-up. They are both different parts of the life force that together make a whole
Old couple having a cup of coffee / senior citizens

Four senior citizens share life lessons that life has taught them

Perceptions of life are changed as senior citizens give us a glimpse of their lives and the lessons they’ve have learnt
Mother and her child with nanny

Finding Nanny: Confessions of a working mother

A mom shares the perks and trade-offs of having a nanny fill in for her absence
Kid showing seven wonders of the world

Why travel is undoubtedly the best university for your kids

The author tells us why getting her kids out of school for a year in order to travel was the best parenting decision she made
kid's birthday party

My grandson’s pink birthday party

How a seven-year-old boy taught his grandmother the most important lesson of love
Woman pointing towards us

It’s time you owned your feminine power

Women have been taught that acquiring “power” is unbecoming of a lady, but acquiring true power unleashes your innate femininity
Woman taking care of an elderly man

How a daughter’s love helped this dad recover sooner from surgery

A daughter recounts her emotional struggle as she faced her dad’s imminent death
girl reading book in library

Losing my mom and the journey to find myself

How a visit to a library and her encounter with books set the author on the path of inner transformation