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The birth of a minimalist

What my five-year-old son taught me about living clutter-free
A differently abled child playing a piano

What my daughter taught me about differently abled children

The author re-discovered her ability to connect with everyone without being unnecessarily self-protective and suspicious
rose petals from mouth of woman, kind spoken words

Om Swami on why the words you speak are paramount

Nobody is strong enough to resist the language of love; it pierces the heart and goes straight to the soul
red box with joy written on top / gifting

What my grandson taught me about the lost art of gifting

We must pay attention when our loved ones talk to us so that when the time comes, we will know what would be the perfect gift for them
An army wife sitting on a trunk ready to move

Confessions of an army wife

Find out what it means to be married to a man who serves in the Indian Army—from the woman herself
illustration of handcuffs aroud facebook like icons - addicted to Facebook

How taking a break from Facebook improved my life right away

If you find yourself getting addicted to Facebook the way I was, then you too should try the same and give yourself a break
Four elders sharing a happy conversation

The wise old art of story telling

Stories have a wealth of wisdom in them, especially if they are narrated by our elders. What's more, storytelling helps seniors know that their life matters
doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Signs that your doctor is unprofessional

Doctors may be critically important to our lives, but that doesn't mean they can treat their patients badly; a doctor tells us how to decide when it is time to find another doctor
Woman writing diary

Confessions of a psychiatrist

A psychiatrist who spent a decade in the US shares her insights on the obstacles in mental healthcare in India
Woman advising teenage girl

Read these travails of a meddlesome mom

A seasoned mother shares her delightful experience of raising her kids from childhood through adolescence into adulthood