woman doing face yoga

Want to look great and feel on the top of the world? Try facial yoga

Facial yoga is a powerful way to make your face younger by toning your facial muscles

How yoga props can help you practice challenging poses

From blocks to mats and belts, yoga props could be just the thing needed to give your practice a boost
Anna Jelly teaching a class of curvy yoga

Wise words from the woman who pioneered curvy yoga

Do you feel too heavy or big for yoga? Take heart, as this curvy yogi shows you that yoga isn’t meant only for super slim models
Woman meditating on the sea-shore

How intentions and sankalpa can help strengthen your yoga practice

The second sutra in the Yoga Sutras talks about developing one-pointed focus in order to direct the mind. One way to focus the mind...
Yoga teacher with student

In search of the perfect yoga teacher

A yoga teacher shares five key traits that you should look for in a yoga teacher before you hire them or sign up for their class
Rolled yoga mat and water bottle

These yoga poses will give you a glowing complexion

Some of the simplest yoga poses offer the biggest benefits. These basic yoga asanas, done regularly, can do wonders for your skin
Man silhouette in yoga pose

These yoga poses will help you improve your balance

Through these seven poses, you will be able to balance better and feel more confident about yourself
Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana

Do you have PCOS? Yoga can help you

Besides affecting fertility, PCOS increases risk of heart attack and depression. Fortunately, PCOS can be managed with the help of yoga and lifestyle changes
10 asanas-to supercharge your confidence

10 asanas to supercharge your confidence

A yoga guru shares 10 asanas that will send your confidence soaring to the sky
Couple sitting cross legged with backs touching, doing couple yoga

Strengthen your partnership with these couple yoga poses

Through these seven asanas, yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi shows you how you can connect with your partner


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