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Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana

Do you have PCOS? Yoga can help you

Besides affecting fertility, PCOS increases risk of heart attack and depression. Fortunately, PCOS can be managed with the help of yoga and lifestyle changes
10 asanas-to supercharge your confidence

10 asanas to supercharge your confidence

A yoga guru shares 10 asanas that will send your confidence soaring to the sky
Couple sitting cross legged with backs touching, doing couple yoga

Strengthen your partnership with these couple yoga poses

Through these seven asanas, yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi shows you how you can connect with your partner
woman self learning yoga from instruction DVD

Be your own yoga teacher

If you follow the guidelines and avoid the pitfalls, there is no reason why you can’t teach yourself yoga

Oil pulling: Swilling away to good health

Oil pulling is the latest trend that is taking over the health-world, but with so much information available, it becomes hard to discern fact from fiction

What has yoga got to do with your work life? Plenty!

Yoga, the way it is taught and practised in the west, lacks moral integrity, without which one cannot achieve mental health, leave aside inner freedom
Discover dance therapy

Discover the wonderful therapeutic power of dance

Dancing is powerful therapy; it heals you from inside out

Gain from the power of Vedic chanting

There are innumerable benefits of Vedic chanting, provided you do it right

Yoga for busy bees: 5 simple asanas you can do on your desk

Try these five simple yoga asanas that you can do during a busy workday to relieve stress

Self-acceptance comes before self-improvement – Gurmukh Kaur

Here are the excerpts of a heart-to-heart chat with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


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