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It’s worth putting your skepticism aside and giving energy healing a try. Alethea Kehas realised this after struggling for two years with IBS


When density is stripped away, all that remains is energy. In fact, density is merely trapped energy vibrating slowly. A rock is a compilation of molecules that are moving at such a slow rate, that it appears solid. Compare the rock to a freely flowing river, where water molecules are in continuous, visible movement.

The human body is filled with energy centres, or chakras. There are seven primary chakras, which begin at the base of the spine and travel up through the crown of the head. When chakras are spinning freely, energy is able to move like an unimpeded river and, as a result, we experience feelings of harmony, joy and good health.

On any given day or for long periods of time, our chakras can be blocked or sluggish, creating areas of density within our bodies that operate much like the energy within a rock. When this occurs, we experience symptoms of disharmony, such as physical and emotional pain. If it is a prolonged blockage, disease can set in.

How I became an energy healer

I began my journey as an energy healer in this lifetime because of the disharmony I was experiencing in my own body. I was a woman in pain, a woman filled with pockets of trapped energy seeking to be free.

There was the voice held silent for too long inside my throat, the 5th chakra centre, which should hum with the clear blue energy of a cloudless sky. Thyroid disease had set in at the age of 24, and, nearly a decade later, I was ready to hear what my trapped voice had to say.

At this time, IBS [irritable bowel syndrome], a disease that affects our intestines’ ability to process and release food, was literally sapping me of the energy I needed to care for my two young children. IBS is a common ailment for people such as me, who are empathic and tend to absorb other people’s emotions.

For two years my body struggled to rid itself of the energy I had stored inside my belly since I was a young child silenced by fear. I desperately sought harmony between my mind, body and soul. In many ways I was like a trapped bird inside a cage who had forgotten how to sing. I had also forgotten how to open the door to let myself out.

What I have discovered over the years of healing myself, and assisting the healing of others, is that we are ultimately in control of our own energy, and therefore our health and peace of mind. I personally began to heal when I started to write my truth in the form of memoir.

Healing via words

I was fortunate to come into this life with a memory of why I am here in this incarnation, but I had, for the early part of my life, repressed this part of me. Our words, both written and verbal, carry our energy, and when delivered with our unique blend of power, compassion and truth, help the energy centres in our body vibrate freely, and resonate with the truth inside others.

When we use our innate creative gifts, whether they are the ability to write poetry, paint portraits, design a building or solve a complex mathematical equation, we honour the truth inside us. When we hold back our gifts out of fear and doubt, we repress the energy that seeks to flow freely.

Healing via hands

Although I practise a form of reiki energy healing called Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, energy healing can occur in many ways, all of which happen within the self. Reiki literally means the spiritually guided flow of life-force energy. An energy healer is attuned to be a channel for this life-force energy, which vibrates in the pure frequency of love/light, so that she may transport the energy to another person. It is up to the client how much energy, or healing light, she is ready to receive.

An energy healer is trained to work with her intuition, and will usually know where the pockets of dense energy are held within the client and what chakras are out of balance. The healing energy is often accompanied by psychic guidance and messages, and, if the healing session is in-person, the energy is transferred to the client through the healer’s hands [which also have chakra points].

Healing across distance

Healing can also occur from a distance, as it is not affected by time or space. I have found, for myself as well as for my clients, that distance, over-the-phone healing is as effective as in-person sessions. Instead of using a direct contact, the energy is intended by the healer. Whether the healing is in-person or distant, the reiki energy always goes to the place in the client’s body that most needs balancing.

Energy healing can be a soothing and peace-filled experience, but this does not mean that a client will not have an emotional release when a pocket of trapped energy has been freed. It is normal, and often beneficial, for a person receiving energy healing to cry. Recall the analogy of the rock and the freely flowing river.

Although Shamballa and reiki masters go through training and receive special attunements, energy healing is not restricted to “healers.” Practising yoga, t’ai chi, meditation and living your life’s passion all work to keep a healthy flow of energy moving in your chakras, and lend balance and harmony to your body and soul.

Unexpected outcomes

It is normal to expect the unexpected. One of the things I love most about being a healer is that I never know what is going to come up during a session. Although I often connect with a client’s soul before a healing to see what issues need to be worked on, I never quite know how the session will play out. For example, sometimes I will feel guided to use certain crystals, stones, tarot cards or dowsing with a pendulum to assist with healing. Quite often archangels, guardian angels, ascended masters and animal guides and messengers will appear to offer their love, healing energy and messages. Sometimes I am led on a shamanic journey into the healing energy of Earth.

This was first published in the October 2013 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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Alethea Kehas
Alethea Kehas is a writer, poet and healer living in New Hampshire, USA. To learn more about her energy healing services, visit her website. Her writing has appeared in various journals and she is currently seeking publication for her memoir, A Girl Named Truth.


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