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Bach flower bottles

Try Bach flower remedies to manage problems of old age

You can brave the issues that come with advanced years using bach flower remedies
Yemado a senior teacher of Boabom

Boabom: The art of non-aggressive self-defense

Boabom is a paradox, since it is a non-aggressive mode of self-defence
Water in glass

Learn how to make therapeutic water to heal yourself

Adding the right herbs, fruits or spices to your water and drinking it regularly can be the easiest and safest way to treat many health conditions
collage of herbs

8 health-giving herbs that you can grow at home [and how to use them]

You don't need to be an expert to grow these herbs in your own home garden
acupuncture needles on the back

Puncture your illness with acupuncture

Acupuncture, the age old therapy from China, can work wonders where conventional medicine falls short

Oil pulling: Swilling away to good health

Oil pulling is the latest trend that is taking over the health-world, but with so much information available, it becomes hard to discern fact from fiction
Discover dance therapy

Discover the wonderful therapeutic power of dance

Dancing is powerful therapy; it heals you from inside out

Shiatsu: healing hands

Shiatsu, meaning ‘little finger’ in Japanese, is an ancient therapy to heal your mind and body

Posture perfect

Alexander Technique provides a vital, often missing, piece of the wellbeing puzzle

Sowing the benefits of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is a ‘cultivation practice’ by which you can be disease-free and lead a full life says Suren Rao