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Yoga defined: Not just postures

Yoga is not in the postures taught in classes but in the principles that form the roots on which this mighty tree stands

Shreyas Yoga Retreat: Authentic yoga

If you're looking for an authentic yoga experience in a luxurious environment, the Shreyas Yoga Retreat Resort might surprise you, says Grazilia Khatri
Young woman practising yoga bandhas

Awaken your dormant shaktis with yoga bandhas

These exquisite Bandha techniques can help you deepen your practice of yoga
Chandra Namaskar Sequence

An illustrated guide to Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)

Try this sequence of asanas for unwinding after a long day at work

Sirsasana: Upside down empowerment

Try sirsasana for an exhilarating feeling in your body and mind
Garudasana Pose

The power to soar

Regular practice of Garudasana increases your sense of calm and balance to help you regally glide through life
Woman sitting and breathing

Asthma relief: Breath taking techniques

There are two ways to manage asthma: avoid triggers and strengthen your body with the help of breath work and yoga
Woman doing meditation on rock

Pranayama: Natural detox through breath control

Breathe out the toxins from your mind and body, naturally

Yogasanas to soothe sciatica

Try these asanas to bring relief in pain related to sciatica
Man doing meditation on the beach

Yoga after heart surgery

Yoga can efficiently and gently nurse you back to health after heart surgery