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man consoling his depressed partner

Are you living with a depressed partner? Here’s what you can do

One partner suffering from depression is not easy for the other; but there are ways to deal with it. A marriage and crisis counsellor offers her advice
Mother fed up of teenage son

What to do when your teen breaks your trust

It's common for teens to lie to their parents or want more privacy from them. It does not have to mean the end of the world for you
Couple holding each other with a heart shaped card — love is for the lucky few is a myth

The #1 myth about love and the three truths that shatter it

There is a widespread misconception that finding a compatible partner is just dumb luck and marriages are, as a rule, unhappy. But nothing could be farther from truth
Teenager and woman hugging each other

7 ways to help your teenager survive and thrive

A counsellor shows you how to navigate the tricky waters of dealing with your teenager
small girl frowning at food

Should you talk to your child about his weight?

Teaching your child how to eat right is a delicate issue. Dina Rose shares what you should and shouldn’t do
Husband consoling distraught wife on sofa

Support your trauma-struck partner without neglecting yourself

One partner’s traumatic experience can take a toll on both people in the relationship. Here are ways in which you can help your loved one cope
couple lying on bed facing opposite directions

The key ingredient that will make your marriage last

Friendship is a key factor in a happy and long-lasting marriage. But what exactly is meant by friendship in marriage? A marriage counsellor and coach answers
kids shoes

Why you absolutely must raise your child sans gender bias

Raising your kids in an atmosphere free of any gender-bias will help them grow to their best potential

Why concealing uncomfortable truths is a bad idea

Many people opt for diplomacy rather than frankness, in order to avoid embarrassment to others and themselves. But that is not a wise thing to do

9 tips to deal with the growing privacy needs of your teen

Has your teen’s need for seclusion got you worried? It is a normal phase of growing up, says Mandy Kloppers as she suggests you give in to their need for privacy