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young girls arm wrestling / sibling rivaly

5 tips to defuse the rivalry between your children

Parents can play a crucial role in teaching their children to cooperate and coexist with each other
interfaith marriage ceremony of Alexandra and Madhavan

The wonderful challenges and opportunities of interfaith marriages

There’s a lot to learn from interfaith couples who co-exist peacefully, respect each other’s religions and raise their children to understand, respect and celebrate all religions
Woman in one swing pointing towards the accompanying empty swing / widow concept

Why I call myself a widow even after I have remarried

The author, who lost her first husband, recounts how she has learned to live with the grief that continues even after she has married another man
Woman holding a baby above head; adopted

Are you ready to bring home your adopted baby?

Planning to adopt a baby? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before taking this happy step
Small girl sitting with school back looking down / victim of bullying

The sensible thing to do if your child is being bullied

Children who are repeatedly bullied may experience severe emotional trauma that can erode their self-esteem and impair mental health
woman consoling her friend who is upset

How to help a friend who is facing marital problems

A clinical psychologist tells you what advice to offer a friend who is facing choppy waters in a marriage, without aggravating his or her woes
man consoling his depressed partner

Are you living with a depressed partner? Here’s what you can do

One partner suffering from depression is not easy for the other; but there are ways to deal with it. A marriage and crisis counsellor offers her advice
Mother fed up of teenage son

What to do when your teen breaks your trust

It's common for teens to lie to their parents or want more privacy from them. It does not have to mean the end of the world for you
Couple holding each other with a heart shaped card — love is for the lucky few is a myth

The #1 myth about love and the three truths that shatter it

There is a widespread misconception that finding a compatible partner is just dumb luck and marriages are, as a rule, unhappy. But nothing could be farther from truth
Teenager and woman hugging each other

7 ways to help your teenager survive and thrive

A counsellor shows you how to navigate the tricky waters of dealing with your teenager