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Strict parenting | Mother scolding son

Strict parenting increases risk of depression in later life

Children who perceive their parents as harsh have an increased risk for depression in adolescence and later life
A happy couple on sofa | asexual relationships concept

Even asexual individuals can forge successful romantic relationships: New Study

The ingredients that make for a successful romantic relationship are virtually the same among asexual and non-asexual individuals, a new study has found
Happy couple silhouette on beach | concept for a happy married life

10 solid tips for a happy married life

A happy married life takes sincere effort and commitment on the part of both partners. Here are 10 suggestions that will help
couple silhouette | concept for truth in relationship

Osho on Relationships: Risk Everything for Truth

When it comes to love and relationships, being brutally truthful is much better than choosing comfortable lies
Picky toddler eating a strawberry

Is your toddler a picky eater? These 8 tips will help

Be in charge of what your picky eater eats but let her be in charge of how she eats it, says a pediatrician

The Buddha’s Timeless Guidance on Infidelity

Whether you’re a victim of infidelity or its perpetrator, dealing with the emotional upheaval that arises due to an extra-marital affair can be devastating. In such turbulent times, Buddha’s wisdom can come to your rescue
Codependency concept: Young woman trying to explain herself

Codependency vs. Interdependence: The Art of Healthy Relationships

Understanding the signs of codependency and exploring its root causes can help you build interdependent relationships rooted in self love
Mother daughter playing outdoors

Redefine what success means for your children

If our goal as parents is to raise concerned and considerate human beings, let's free our children from the rat-race and redefine what true success is
Couple walking close - attachment style concept

How your attachment style affects your relationships

Knowledge of each partner’s attachment pattern can help a couple navigate their relationship more seamlessly

5 ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner

If you implement the ideas in this article, you will successfully rekindle the flame of a romantic relationship, and you'll begin noticing significant improvements in your intimate life