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woman listening to music

How music helps you de-stress

Listening to music is among the easiest ways to relieve stress

Love thy self

The first step in changing what you don't like about your body is to accept it and love it

Instant mood boosters

Try these pick-me-ups to help lift your spirits in a jiffy. These work over your thoughts to directly influence your emotions and spare you from dwelling in negativity

Blast from the past

Tripping on a negative memory from the past can cause an emotional eruption today. So, keep emotional aches like low self-esteem, worry, depression, feelings of inadequacy, low self-confidence, and the fear of being judged or rejected in check to enjoy the present

The body speaks when the mind freaks

When something is ailing your mind, it expresses through problems in your body

Managing hypochondriasis

"Oh my god! I think it's cancer." Hypochondriacs jump to such conclusions at the slightest sign of irregularity in their body. The problem is, they truly believe it

Am I mad if I visit a shrink?

Visiting a psychologist does not mean that you've lost your mind. It just means that you want to change for the better with a little 'outside' help

Back to square one

No matter what happens to you, you can restore your natural state of being calm and peaceful

The psychology of suicides

Help yourself to live longer; deal with depression before it turns into suicidal tendencies

Moving on from regrets

Regretting your past will do you no good. Learn to let go and appreciate the present as your past doesn't define your worth