Ah stress! None of us want it, but we all get more than our fair share. While a little stress is invigorating, too much stress can have a debilitating effect on our body and mind. In such situations, the only expert qualified to guide you is… you! In this article, through a series of questions, we encourage you to tap into your inherent intelligence and capacity to heal. Through this self-inquiry you will be able to create your own unique road map to stress-relief. Ready to go?

What’s on your plate?

Foods affect our emotional and psychological health more than we’ve been led to believe. Certain foods spike our blood sugar levels, making heavy demands on our adrenals, and consequently causing stress. Stress-inducing foods include stimulants such as refined sugar/carbohydrates, and caffeine; depressants such as alcohol; and excitotoxins that are commonly found in MSG, processed, frozen and diet foods. High sodium foods also cause stress in the body. Are you consuming any of these foods in excess?

On the other hand are foods that help us stay calm, centred and light. Vegetables that grow under the earth, such as sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, are grounding and calming. Leafy greens and fruits that reach for the sky provide a sense of lightness and creativity when consumed. Water is also an excellent conduit of calmness.

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This was first published in the December 2012 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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  1. When you laugh out loud, good vibes are able to move through your body, flushing away old energy blocks, along with feelings of stress and frustrations. Your inner child likes nothing more than having fun, so this is a perfect excuse to watch that comedy you’ve been wanting to see or get together with a good friend who makes you laugh. With each time that you laugh, just imagine laughing at your stress and sending it far, far away. Let the healing vibrations of your laughter move fluidly through your body, transforming stress into pure joy, positivity and optimism.


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