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Person walking while sleeping

While you were sleeping

Some of us do embarrassing things in our sleep. Here are common sleep-time activities you’d rather not tell others about and what you can do about them
sleeping girl on the bed with leaves in the background

Naturopathy for sleep problems

According to naturopathy, diet has a lot to do with the quality of our sleep
Woman sleeping

The sleep-skin connection

Adequate sleep improves our efficiency, helps maintain good health, and adds radiance to our skin
Sleeping woman in a dream

The dream sequence

Let’s peek into the world of dreams to understand the enigmatic phenomenon, in which anything is possible
Man sitting on chair yawning

Sleepy all the time?

Get your required quota of sleep to avoid the harmful effects of sleep deprivation

Nightmares: Sleep invasion

Uncover the mystery behind your most terrifying dreams

Shift-proof your slumber

Compromising sleep due to working in shifts is hazardous to your health. A little lifestyle adjustment can help
man with an alarm clock

False alarm

Wake up to the truth about sleep to ensure sweet slumber and refreshing mornings
mother putting her son to sleep

Kid’s Sleep: Smooth slumber

Learn how to solve common sleep problems in children, without medicines

Slumber makes you slimmer

The better you sleep, the easier it will be to lose weight; it’s not the other way around