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That parched feeling

It’s amazing how many people suffer from xerostomia and still aren’t aware about it
Lens on a mosquito bite

Malaria myths

Swat the malaria menace by arming yourself with some facts about the disease
heart being pulled in three directions

Heart stoppers

These three heart diseases are notorious for causing the most casualties

December 2012 issue – Weight off your mind

It’s now proven that unless the mind cooperates, the ‘eating right and exercising’ paradigm doesn’t work
Man with sad face

Diabetes? No need to panic

Being diagnosed with diabetes isn’t the end of the world; it’s only the beginning of a different life
Woman thinking

Coming to terms

Here is a list of 36 commonly used heart-related words and their meanings
Man sleeping during office hours

A bitter-sweet truth

A decrease in blood sugar levels can lead to a fatal condition called hypoglycaemia .

Injuries in action

Here’s what to do in case you become a casualty of one of the common exercise-related injuries
woman having stomach pain

Acid reflux: cease the fire within

Acid reflux is a common condition that causes a lot of discomfort. Here’s how to manage it
Man allergic to flowers

Rash Reactions

Here are 12 common myths and facts associated with allergies