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Allergy: An itchy issue

Even the most seemingly harmless things could produce an allergy. Here's what you can do to stay protected
Man having fruits

Living with diabetes

Just being mindful of what you eat makes a big difference

The disturbing drip

Excessive sweating isn’t a mere inconvenience, but a medical condition that can be treated

The diabetes numerology

Follow these magic numbers to manage your condition effortlessly
Man stammering

Not a smooth talker?

Stammering can develop in adults too, but there are ways to cure it
Man with toothache

Let’s get to the root cause

Answers to questions you always wanted to ask about root canal
Man coughing

Clear your throat

Not all coughs can be cured with home remedies
Man with a syringe

A prick in time

Getting over fear of insulin injection
Woman with chess board

Want to conceive? Don’t let diabetes defeat you

It is possible for women with diabetes to have a safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby
Man holding his wrist in pain

Benign bumps

Ganglions are non-cancerous and can be controlled with timely treatment and care