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Man's portrait using vegetables

Try a vegetarian diet

Give vegetarianism some food for thought

Peach possibilities

There’s a lot you can do with this good-looking fruit
woman sipping juice

A season to chill

Choose the right foods to keep your body cool and refreshed in summer
Man and woman enjoying the food

The epicurean philosophy: Eat, drink, be merry (and healthy)

Some pleasures feed not only the stomach but the senses too

Top energy foods

Feel like a slug who wants to crawl back into bed every morn? Now you can power through your day with our list of top energy foods

What’s in an olive?

Exotic charm and benefits for your heart
Fruits and vegetables

Green signal

8 reasons to be vegetarian, at least once every few days

Baby food

An unborn baby eats what its mother eats. Know how toxins affect the baby’s development and change your diet likewise
Plate with salad

Undress your salad

Salads are great if you avoid the biggest mistake people make when eating them…


Try the litchi for its juicy deliciousness and for its many health benefits