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Spring cleaning for your soul

Keeping pessimistic thoughts within us limits us from achieving our highest potential says Anne Jones

When heaven and earth meet

Live in such a way that your wings are in the sky and your roots are in the earth

In pursuit of awakening: The Seeker By Karan Bajaj

The Seeker is the story of a man's intense spiritual journey.

Beware of the spiritual shortcut

On the spiritual path, it is tempting to assume that having a deep spiritual experience is a sign that we have made it

5 Lessons from flowers

Besides sensory pleasure, flowers offer us important life lessons, explains author Alexis Brookfield

Enlightened living: Sever the strings of darkness

Living an enlightened life is a simple and sane matter; all you need to do is sever the strings that are holding you back

Love: Pick the unknown path

Life is more fun when you have the courage to go with new ideas

Trying hard to meditate? It’s hopeless!

Meditation doesn’t have to be a tug of war between the chatter of your mind and peace. Allow the noise to give way to the silence

My spirituality is better than yours

Is it possible to be competitive in your spiritual pursuits?

Giving to everyone, without reservation

How often do we hold back from giving, especially to those we hate? Osho says that when we share our joys even with those we dislike, they multiply


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