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Distraught woman looking outside the window / how to move on

How to move on after your life falls apart

Has your world has shattered into million pieces? Does it feel as if your life will never be the same again? Here's some profound advice on how to move on after a big setback
Man alone sitting on the beach

When the student became the master

A student who finds the path to the divine goes on to show the way to his master

Must watch: Dr Shefali Tsabary on pain as a portal to consciousness

Redefine your relationship with pain, says Dr Shefali Tsabary in this powerful talk on conscious parenting and conscious living
A beautiful morning practice by Nithya Shantivideo

A quick and beautiful morning practice for a joyous day ahead

Spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti suggests a simple but powerful morning practice to calibrate your day for love, peace and joy
Painting of a master with his disciple; holiness

Osho explains what it means to be ‘holy’

Spiritual master Osho narrates a story of Saint Francis of Assisi to explain what makes a person holy

Watch Thich Nhat Hanh share life-changing insights with Oprah Winfrey

Thich Nhat Hanh emphasises the importance of living in the present moment and shares four powerful mantras that can transform your relationship forever

When I met God in human form

Even today, years after, the memory of my first interaction with Dada Vaswani brings me goose bumps

The real meaning of “living in balance”

Balance can’t be brought, it happens, says Osho

The bend on the road

Problems are inevitable; why not make the most of them, asks Dada J P Vaswani

What the white cloud teaches us

A white cloud hovers in the sky, timeless—because there is no future and no mind to it. It is here and now. Each moment is total eternity