A quick and beautiful morning practice for a joyous day ahead

Spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti suggests a simple but powerful morning practice to calibrate your day for love, peace and joy

Nithya Shanti shares a beautiful morning practice which he calls the Lotus of Gratitude. This simple exercise, if repeated every morning, has the power to transform your life and make you tap into your inner joy.

Nithya Shanti is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, seminar leader, writer and educator, committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment with people in a joyful and transformational way.

Blending a deep study of ancient scriptures, along with a broad survey of contemporary discoveries, Nithya Shanti specializes in facilitating profound shifts in awareness for people to release limitations and awaken latent potentials for a fulfilling life. Learn more about his seminars and retreats on his website.


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