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Should you spy on your spouse?

Not if your relationship has open communication, healthy respect and space

Love is a verb

If you want a fairy-tale marriage, you have to work towards making it so. The first step is getting rid of all that is contaminating your loving relationship
Concept of one woman and two men

Can One Woman Love Two Men?

Is it possible for a woman to love two men? When and why does it happen? A psychotherapist answers...

Family issues in a marriage

Discuss your views about your extended families with each other before you tie the knot for a happy married life

Couple quarrels: Fighting for good?

Fights help keep the fire alive in a marriage. But do they really help fan the fire or put it out?

Love thy In-laws

Living happily ever after with your extended family is not as difficult as you may think

Encounters of a marital kind

Disagreements need not break a healthy relationship if some ground rules of confrontation are kept in mind

Fears stalk marriages

A healthy relationship can be hampered by hidden fears and anxieties

Honesty can be hot!

Honesty has an amazing ability to infuse vibrant physical passion into a relationship

Jealousy is the shadow of sex, says Osho

Love can never be jealous. Transform sex into love, and you will see jealousy disappear