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Man and woman sitting in the beach

This counsellor couple share why marriage is a wonderful thing

Rajan and Minnu Bhonsle share their views about how to make marriage a step toward your spiritual growth and why open marriages are fake relationships

Open Marriage: Is it healthy?

Everything about it is "open," yes, but its very basis is nothing short of self-annihilation
A beautiful and happy young Indian couple | Marriage concept

The dynamics of love, sex, commitment and marriage

Two marriage counsellors share their insights on how the dynamics of love, sex, marriage and commitment are different for men and women
Different Strokes: Attraction between opposites

Different Strokes: Attraction between opposites

Opposites attract, it is said. The big question is: do they remain attracted to each other, or do they drift apart after the early spark is gone?

When Love Blooms

A happy, successful marriage is like honeymoon that lasts a lifetime