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Sex and the sleepy

If you care for your sex life, don't compromise on your sleep

Love, Law and Divorce

A marriage with love needs neither law nor divorce

How contraceptives work

Oral contraceptive pills help women control their entry into motherhood

Mind of the marriage

Mental illness has wrecked many marriages and families. If one of the partners has symptoms of a mental illness, not only does it disturb the normal functioning of an individual, but it also impedes his abilities of sustaining lasting and meaningful relationships

All because of mom and dad

Are your parents unwittingly ruining your married life with wrong advice, interference, over-protectiveness? Yup, it happens

Nourish your relationship

Partners are like two wheels of a bicycle. They both have to assume equal responsibility of taking things ahead. Are you taking yours?
Man and woman in an intimate pose

Fantasies can ruin your sex life

Don't get too caught up in sexual fantasies; they can hurt your sex life

Save your sex life

Problems in the relationship often show up in the bedroom. To enjoy a happily-ever-after sex life, sort out your issues from time to time

Don’t let sex rule your marriage

There is lot more to a relationship than just the bedroom. Sex is just one of the many ways of expressing love, care and intimacy

In health and in sickness…

When making these promises at the marriage altar, do couples really know the challenges that life might have in store for them?