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A happy woman riding bicycle

How I changed my life using LoA [step-by-step guide included]

Read how this woman used the Law of Attraction and went from being perpetually struggling to always joyful in less than three months
Victorious man reaching finishing line; executive

There’s still time to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

Though we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s not over yet; you still have time to achieve those resolutions you had made at the start of this year
Man leaving distraught woman; rejection

Want to be happy and successful? Build your rejection muscle

Everyone faces rejection at some point in their lives; it is how we deal with it that makes the difference
Senior couple watching sunset / life after retirement

How to make the most of your life post retirement

With longer lifespans, today life begins after retirement and yet almost all retirement plans start and end at financial preparedness, giving little, if any, attention to the your social and emotional readiness
Happy woman stretching hands out against sea | Concept for "honor yourself"

10 sensible ways to honor yourself

Use these strategies to show yourself some love and to free up your energy so that you can focus on what’s really important
Psychiatrist Judson Brewer on breaking a bad habitvideo

Break your bad habits with this simple trick

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer reveals a simple yet highly effective way to overcome your bad habits

May 2016 issue: Shedding shyness

In this issue, Michal Stawicki tells you how he overcame his shyness and changed his life for the better. Using his own example, he offers three easy steps that will make you more confident and socially comfortable.
Ball and chain | concept overcome hesitation

4 steps to help you overcome hesitation

Hesitation is the fine line that prevents you from achieving your dreams

Self-transformation: Leap out of that door

Unless you take the leap, self-transformation will remain nothing more than wishful thinking

We had a good life…Now it’s a great life!

Read how Manoj Arora redefined his priorities and increased both his and his family’s happiness quotient manifold