How I changed my life using LoA [step-by-step guide included]

Read how this woman used the Law of Attraction and went from being perpetually struggling to always joyful in less than three months

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In less than three months, I completely changed my life.

  • I quit smoking, and it was really easy
  • I lost 30 pounds, and kept them off
  • My husband and I went from being separated and discussing divorce to having a blissful, connected partnership
  • I reconnected with two dear friends I had not spoken to in many years
  • I stopped taking six different prescription medications
  • I found a way to stop having seizures
  • I discovered and corrected health problems which had plagued me for over 20 years.

I did all of this with the proper use of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction (LoA), is simply this: whatever you focus on in life, you will get. Only catch is, the LoA does not understand negatives. Words and phrases such as no, not, don’t, except for simply don’t exist with attraction.

How I got my healthy body back

Prior to fully understanding how the LoA works, I begged doctors to tell me what was wrong with me. I insisted on getting as many tests as possible, and took any medication the doctors recommended. My focus for the past 20 years had been on “what is wrong with my body” and for 20 years my body was a miserable wreck. I had a cyst in my brain and seizures, and was reaching the point where I spent more time taking pills with my meals than eating my meals.

Once I understood how this focussing on ‘what you want’ really works, I declared out loud every single day: “I want to be healthy” and “Thank you for my healthy body.” Out of the blue, I got a referral to a new doctor, and a new set of tests. Now, I had gone through dozens, if not hundreds, of tests prior to this—but once I focussed on health, this test revealed that I had low B12. No one had ever tested me for that before, and it was the hidden culprit that had been keeping me sick! With the B12 shots my seizures stopped, and so did my migraines, depression, muscle cramps and crippling fatigue. The cyst in my brain went away, I started to lose weight, and my healthy body began to take over.

When the withdrawal bothered me, I distracted myself with a video game, music or a walk

Every time I tried to quit smoking prior to this, that’s what I thought about—not smoking. Since LoA and the word ‘not’ do not co-exist, it means I was really thinking about smoking. So wondering how long since I quit meant I was really just re-focussing on smoking, over and over. This time I succeeded by not thinking or talking about smoking at all to anyone. I did not tell my friends, family or co-workers that I was about to quit or that I had quit. I did not say “I really want one”, “I’m in withdrawal”, or any of those phrases I had used in the past. Instead, I simply saw myself as healthy. And I did not talk about cigarettes or withdrawal symptoms to anyone at all, ever. When the withdrawal bothered me, I distracted myself with a video game, music or a walk.

We went from ‘almost divorced’ to ‘happily married’

Happy couple lying on the bedI had the same stumbling blocks with other areas of my life before I finally ‘got it’ months ago. Previously, I kept wondering what was wrong with my marriage. I kept telling my husband what he was doing wrong and what he was failing to do right. “You never kiss me when I walk by”, “I can’t remember the last time you complimented me” were common statements I would make, thinking I was helping things. I wasn’t. I was just bringing my attention, and his, to the negative and bad things about us, making us both miserable. So I changed that to thanking him profusely when he did something, anything, nice. I made it a point to kiss him more, and complimented him more—and he started doing it right back to me. We focussed on our strengths and the strengths of our relationship together, and we nurtured and nourished those things—and they began to grow, and the list of things to like grew bigger, and saved our marriage.

I did all of this while my brain was not working right, not by a long shot. Before that first B12 shot, my mind raced with negative thoughts all day every day. Small negative thoughts to huge horrid thoughts, tens of thousands of yucky dark nightmares cycling through—yet I managed to change my life.

A list of things that I do to help me achieve my desired results

  • I have eliminated as much negativity as possible, from every area of my life. I have stopped watching television. I watch my TV shows on Netflix instead, because this way I can avoid the commercials which I feel draw my attention on what’s not right.
  • I do not watch news shows, do not read the newspaper, and do not go to news websites. I turn my head the other direction when faced with newspapers and tabloids at the checkout in the grocery store. I spend time adjusting the settings on Facebook to show me less stories about death and war. I have changed the settings for my friends’ posts so I wouldn’t see when they post about negative items either.
  • I spent time going through the music I liked to listen to, and made a playlist of positive songs. Some of the songs I had been listening to previously were about heartbreak, bad days, mean bosses, going crazy, anger, vengeance, guilt, grief—and I used to not only listen to this music a lot but always sang along! All that did was bring those ugly things into my life, and caused me to focus on them over and over. Now I avoid them, one hundred per cent. Instead of playing the radio, I only play my custom playlist, with my positive songs.
  • Every single day, I only focus on what feels good. When negative thoughts start running through my head, I go and listen to my positive music. Or I look up pictures of kittens or babies, or read jokes, or watch an action movie. When all else fails, I go for a walk. I never strengthen my negative thoughts by talking about them, because I know that speaking is a powerful attractor. I only speak about what I truly want to have in my life.
  • I have made “being happy” a priority. Nothing is more important than keeping my mood positive. I walk away from my husband and hang up on my friends if I think I am about to argue with them, tell them how wrong they are, or why they are making me mad. So I clamp my mouth shut and escape until I change those thoughts and that mood—and they appreciate that when I am around, I am much more pleasant to be around.
  • I appreciate everything—the taste buds in my mouth when I take a bite of food, the soap when I wash my hands, the hair on my head, the running water in the tap… every little and big thing. Everyday, I give thanks hundreds of times for every good thing—especially learning how to use this incredible gift, and the ability to share this information with you. Thank you.

This was first published in the July 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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