Looking for instant transformation? Try faking it!

If advances in quantum physics are any indication, we can transform ourselves into whatever version of ourselves we dream of


American psychologist William James once said, “If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.” Amazingly, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests this really works! The science of quantum jumps indicates that we literally jump from one parallel universe to another in an interconnected holographic multiverse. Astonishing as this assertion may sound, there is increasing experimental evidence to support this new science of “fake it ‘til you make it,” with laboratory-tested, reliable methods that consistently generate positive results.Recent psychological studies conducted in the United Kingdom and California show that people who act as if they are in loving relationships can quickly develop genuine feelings of closeness for one another. Engaging in activities such as gazing into a partner’s eyes, synchronising breathing with a partner, or holding the palm of your hand close to another’s without touching have been proven to increase closeness in both old and new relationships.We can adopt physical qualities—such as the keen vision we expect of airline pilots—by dressing and acting like pilots. Harvard University researcher Ellen Langer found that people who dressed like airplane pilots and operated flight simulators scored 40 per cent better on vision tests than study participants who sat in similar environments with ‘broken’ simulators and did not wear pilot’s uniforms.

At a time when placebo research is booming at Harvard and other universities around the world, there’s increasing interest in the question of why sham surgeries and sugar pills. For example, a 2008 article in The New England Journal of Medicine described how a couple of years after patients participated in a randomised arthroscopic knee surgery study, medical doctors were shocked to discover that patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who received placebo surgery were just as likely to report pain relief and improved functionality than those who received the genuine medical procedure.

Ours is a highly improbable universe whose unlikeliness is balanced out by billions and billions of possible other parallel universes

How does instantaneous transformation occur?

The key to understanding the mechanism of instantaneous transformation comes through considering the idea that we exist in a multiverse of parallel yet interconnected realities; and that the quantum properties of entanglement, superposition of states, and teleportation are occurring beyond the realm of the very small. Just as quantum particles are capable of blipping into and out of material form when not existing as pure energy, the science of quantum jumps suggests that we too, literally, jump from one parallel universe of possibility to another.

Hints that our universe is not the only one can also be found in the recent discovery of the surprisingly lightweight Higgs Boson, as reported in a June 2013 article in Scientific American. The unexpectedly small mass of the Higgs Boson supports the theory that ours is a highly improbable universe whose unlikeliness is balanced out by billions and billions of possible other parallel universes in which such oddities can be viewed as being statistically expected to occur somewhere, rather than living in a single symmetrical universe in which things clearly balance out.

When we identify as being pure energy and consciousness we are capable of re-engaging with a more enjoyable physical reality

Making quantum jumps

The key to making a quantum jump from one possible reality to another is in the art of attaining a state of detachment that can be accomplished through lucid dreaming or meditation. In such a meditative state, we can view ourselves as existing in a state of pure energy—of pure consciousness. From this vantage point, we become aware of simultaneously existing across a multitude of possible realities that are available to us in every moment. For example, in one reality we are adopting healthier daily diet and exercise habits. In another reality, we are fearlessly exploring our genuine passions and interests. Even a simple meditation of enjoying a blissful state of relaxed, energised mindfulness while contemplating the question, “How good can it get?” can produce powerful, health-positive, stress-reducing effects.

When we identify as being pure energy and consciousness rather than fixating on a particular given physical reality, with its myriad ailments and problems, we are capable of re-engaging with a more enjoyable physical reality. This process of disengaging and then re-engaging between different parallel universes of possibility is something akin to shifting gears on a car. Just as we must disengage from first gear by pushing the clutch pedal before shifting into second gear, so too must we first disengage from all concerns of our regular daily life before re-engaging with a reality we’d prefer to experience.

Taking positive actions and behaving like the relaxed, confident, and smart version of you confers these qualities to you

One of the biggest advantages of viewing ourselves as being pure consciousness is that this corresponds to the growing consensus among physicists that you and everything around you exists in a superposition of states. In the field of quantum physics, scientists are becoming increasingly accustomed to considering quantum particles as both matter and energy. New quantum computers are up and running that provide us with examples of everyday objects in our regular world that depend on a brand new logic of beyond the binary states of something being True or False; some things are True-and-False; and others are Not-True-Not-False. In the brave new world of quantum logic, Schrödinger’s famous cat can be simultaneously both dead and alive.

No longer do physicists expect quantum behaviour to stay on the quantum scale. Entire new branches of sciences now include quantum ‘weirdness.’ Researchers now study: quantum astronomy, quantum biology, quantum chemistry, and quantum statistics, and many other aspects of quantum effects on the macroscopic scale. In other words, what happens in the quantum realm doesn’t just stay in the quantum realm, in this amazingly interactive multiverse filled with marvellous possibilities.

Quantum jumps in daily life

You quantum jump any time you “fake it ‘til you make it,” by adopting the speech, mannerisms, dress, and aspects of the person you need to be. Taking positive actions and behaving like the relaxed, confident, and smart version of you confers these qualities to you. Here are some examples from dozens of ways you can experience quantum jumps in your daily life:

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed? You can persevere better when you take a moment to cross your arms. Psychologists at the University of Rochester conducted experiments that demonstrate that people who cross their arms stick with challenging problems with far greater persistence than those who don’t.
  • Develop confidence by sitting up straight, and adopting ‘power poses.’ Social psychology studies conducted at Harvard indicate people feel and behave much more confidently after putting their hands on their hips or standing and leaning on one’s hands over a table or desk.
  • Feel happier by smiling and becoming more outgoing. Studies consistently show that smiling lifts your spirits, and people can become more extroverted—which provides direct, positive effects on wellbeing and life satisfaction.
  • Reduce feelings of depression by writing down ‘What Went Well Today’ at the end of each day, taking care to give yourself credit for whatever qualities you possess that contributed to the good news of the day.

This article first appeared in the May 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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  1. Different people will notice different parts of the article. I am surprised about the Looking dressing like a pilot. And I can imagine other people being acted like helping in other ways. The flight simulator would make you more visual as that would be your focus. So act it. Thus one focusing copies a pattern. Apparently like having an interest multipled on the computer the universes also click in on an interest pattern to help you be it. Maybe my hair well grow better if I think of Cher’s hair or a hair model. As my thoughts have been on the happening instead of what I want.


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