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Increase your mind power to boost your energy

All you need is resolute enthusiasm to make the most of life

Persevere, Don’t Resign

Not giving up in the face of difficulties is what makes all the difference
Admire, don't imitate

Admire, don’t imitate: Why imitating your heroes can be harmful

Be original, be yourself. Admiring your heroes is all right as long as you don't imitate them blindly
Man's legs chained with a heavy metal ball

Believing is bondage, knowing is freedom

We all have a whole catalogue of beliefs that we live by. But, beliefs can let you down in times of need

Arrive, Don’t Strive

Your pursuit to doing, not just winning alone, holds the cursor to better outcomes in career and life

Be For, Not Against

We spend most of our time and energies fighting what we are against. It's only when we change our stance in favour of what we are for, can we transform ourselves