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January 2013 issue: To live for

Once we discover the purpose of our being, our lives take on a new meaning
Man walking on an endless road with rainbow on the horizon

How to live a life of purpose

Do the things you were born to do and create significance in your life
Woman opening the present with a smile

Open the present

In the hot pursuit of your goals, have you forgotten the real reason you are chasing them in the first place?
Man going on a right track

The astonishing power of clarity

It is only when you are able to see your dreams clearly, can you expect them to become real

October 2012 issue: Clear cut

This issue's cover story offers no-nonsense tips that can help bring immense clarity to your dream.

Battling change?

Does change scare you? It won’t, if you learn to turn it into opportunity

July 2012 issue – Fear

Not all fear is bad. Good, or healthy, fear is instinctive and protects us from genuine danger. It's the bad fear that is the cause of most of our miseries.
Man in fear seeking a way out of the dark

Let’s get your fears out of the way

Fear will remain in charge and dominate all aspects of your life for as long as you allow it. Here’s how to render it powerless.

You can make yourself happy

Pioneer of "positive psychology" Martin Seligman, believes that by identifying and enhancing your signature strengths, you can learn to make yourself happy.
Young archer aiming for imaginary bulls eye in the sky

The fine line between success and superlative success

Here's how to aim for outrageous, larger-than-life goals...