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Happy woman on the beach / play concept

It pays to play (and it costs dearly not to)

All work and no play makes one dull. But, really, what does it mean to "play"?
Man lost in thoughts: suffering from codependancy

Trying too hard to be loved by your partner? May be it’s codependency

Here is a 6-step approach to evict yourself from the dangers of codependency in relationships
people connected with network

How Family Constellations can help you heal your life

Explore this therapeutic approach that draws on the effects of your family relationships on your life situation
A family constellation session in progress

Family Constellation: A therapist’s perspective

A family constellation trainer shares her experience of facilitating a session
Self-inquiry guided by Byron Katievideo

Do this life-transforming self-inquiry guided by Byron Katie

Byron Katie gently takes you through the power process of self-inquiry so that you can see clearly how you are creating your own suffering
Sad woman gazing outside the window; coping with loss

3 important lessons that loss teaches us

A grief coach shares the three vital lessons we gain when we lose someone or something dear to us
Frustrated man in car complaining about traffic

3 signs that you complain way too much

Do people complain because they are unhappy, or are people unhappy because they complain?
happy young woman hugging herself | Self-love concept

4 wonderfully simple ways to cultivate unconditional self-love

Self-love is a highly underrated phenomenon. Here are four tips to help you love and accept yourself unconditionally
When not to apologise | Holding a banner saying 'I am [Not] Sorry'

When not to apologise

The next time you are about to say sorry, ask yourself if you mean it and whether you really need to say it
Figurine with excited and depressed shadow

Bipolar disorder: Swinging sickness

Bipolar disorder can take a person on an emotional rollercoaster leaving them feeling miserable in its wake. But a positive outlook might be all that is needed to put the brakes