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Man doing pranayama

8 types of pranayama — techniques and benefits

Eight most effective pranayama techniques to practice as per need
Girl doing yoga in crow pose / balancing on two hands

Bring balance to your life with yoga

You can achieve overall balance in your life by following simple yoga principles
Woman doing power yoga - cobra pose

Discover the power of power yoga

Power yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is holistic in nature; it harmonises your body, mind and soul
Sufi Yoga Concept

Sufi Yoga: Mind-body harmony

Sufi Yoga helps you bring your mind, body and spirit in alignment with the universal forces, leaving you in a constant state of peace and contentment
Woman sitting outdoors in meditative pose

Integral Yoga: The integrated approach

Integral Yoga combines methods designed to develop every aspect of the individual: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

Have your tried couple yoga?

Couple yoga expands the traditionally individual science of yoga into the realms of relationships

Yoga: More than just Exercise

Yoga is commonly misunderstood as mere physical exercises. It is, in fact, a process of self-awakening

Try yoga for menopause

Let us look at a few meditative and conditioning yoga postures that go a long way in helping women to cope with the challenges of menopause
Girl lying in shavasana pose | yoga technique to manage stress

Proven Yoga Techniques to Manage Stress

Don't let stress take a toll on you. Follow these simple yoga techniques which will help manage stress better
Silhouette of a happy women opening her arms against the background of sun

Yoga of Nine Emotions – III

In the last part of the series, let's explore how to promote the agreeable rasas of love, joy, wonder, courage and calmness