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Hey Mom, stay happy!

Communicating with the growing life in the womb is essential, maybe even more than physical nourishment

Stay Fresh when Expecting

Everyday stress can really take its toll on you, more so during pregnancy. Here's how to avoid falling into the tiredness trap

Will I be old and lonely?

Living alone after retirement need not be a frightening prospect. Planning, not feeling unwanted and positive thinking, could make this phase of life joyful

7 Fitness Habits to Cultivate Now

Many of us are just thinking of our body and forgetting our health

Perfect 10 to optimal health

Leading a healthy life is becoming a difficult goal to reach today. But, if you have the will, there is sure a way

Between You and Your Doctor

When you are at your doctor's clinic, you often get tongue-tied, or your memory does not stand by you. Relax!

For a More Abundant 2007

Ring in the new year with simple exercises that will inspire you to live more of the life you truly desire

Unwind, gently

In our fast-paced life, it is important to pause, stretch, observe, play, and also unwind - to live the life we want