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woman sitting on the nature

Power of One

Oneness is not a romantic idea. It is a practical tool that you can use to enhance your inner strength

Power of Spirit

How the spirit within helps us cope in troubled times, even in the face of organ failure
Woman breaking a chain with her hands / concept of detachment

Attachment versus detachment + 7 steps to inculcate detachment

Replacing attachment with detachment helps you lead a happier and more fulfilled life
Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami on weight loss: If I can do it, anyone can

In a candid conversation with Manoj Khatri, Adnan Sami reveals what he lost and what he gained in his life-changing experience

Emotions in Business

When you balance emotions at work, you will be better able to maintain a healthy environment

Travel Travails

How memorable your journey will depend a lot on who your co-travellers are

Monsoon Raga

Follow the rain song for a refreshing and exciting holiday this season

Message from the Gita

How the Bhagvad Gita and its importance in life were revealed to me at a very early age

Should you go for life coaching?

You can live the life you always wanted.

7 Fitness Habits to Cultivate Now

Many of us are just thinking of our body and forgetting our health


Until the pandemic is declared to be over always:

  • Wear a proper face mask when stepping out
  • Maintain a distance of six feet
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently; Use a hand-sanitiser when outdoors

If you have COVID-19 or suspect that you do, but have mild symptoms, including mild fever, tiredness, dry cough or sore throat, you should self-quarantine right away.