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For a More Abundant 2007

Ring in the new year with simple exercises that will inspire you to live more of the life you truly desire

Oh, that Creepy feeling!

Feeling anxious is part of daily life. A little bit of thinking can help defuse the feeling and bring balance

Religion vs Spirituality: An Old Debate Revisited

While the practice of religion is mostly collective, spirituality is an intensely personal quest

Winter Destinations in India

Want to spend a snowy Christmas, ride the desert sands on a camel, enjoy a gala carnival, or meditate in the silence of the mountains, when New Year sets in? Think of winter with its fascinating range of locales
Young woman frustrated

Edge Out Anger, Fear and Guilt

With televised images of destruction from natural disasters and war streaming into people's homes every hour of the day, it is no wonder adults and children are searching for solutions to reduce anger, fear, guilt and grief

Is it difficult for you to say “I’m sorry”?

For some reason certain individuals refuse to say they are sorry for anything. It is as though they were giving up the deed to their house. I shake my head in disbelief that something so simple and so helpful to business relationships can be so underutilised
Man talking on his cell phone

Cell-O-fun: Cell phone manners

Of cell phones, nay hell phones, manners and other related idiosyncrasies

The Spirit of Being Yourself

Nature is not only our best teacher, it is also spirituality personified

The Chemistry of Love

Why love is a many-splendoured thing, a miracle and blessing

Harmony Rules

Why a proactive attitude works best to resolve conflicts before they reach the snapping point